Medical Professionals


Working with a North Dallas medical CPA firm that understands how a healthcare practice operates is essential to your financial success. That’s why we encourage chiropractors, physical therapists, mental health facilities, cardiologists, oncologists, radiologists and other medical professionals to contact us for a free consultation. We know medical accounting and can help your practice save money on taxes, improve cash flow, and free up more time to devote to your patients. Discover the difference in working with a North Dallas medical CPA firm that truly understands your accounting and tax needs.

Call us at (214) 636-8100 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

Medical Practice Accounting Services

For many medical providers, managing their accounting and bookkeeping functions can be particularly difficult. Consider outsourcing all or part of your accounting tasks to us so you have more time to work with your patients.

Tax Preparation and Planning

In addition to preparing your taxes at the end of the year, we'll implement proactive tax saving strategies to achieve long-term tax savings for your medical practice.

Practice Management Consulting

We understand the intricacies of medical accounting and can develop financial controls and operational improvements that will simplify your bookkeeping processes. We can also provide specialized assistance for practice mergers and retirement planning.