Revenue Cycle Analysis

Revenue Cycle Analysis

At Texas Medical CPA, our team fo experts specialize in Revenue Cycle Management and collection of old accounts receivables that typically end up being written off. We are experts in analyzing accounts receivable to formulate effective plans of action for accounts receivable clean-up. Our firm is highly experienced with reading and interpreting insurance contracts and fee schedules to ensure receipt of full payments.

Unless you have an expert like us go through your claim processing system, you just would not know what you are losing. Tons of cash is being flushed through the inefficient billing systems. The amount of effort that goes in increasing the patient count in the clinic would be counter-productive unless root cause of the problem is addressed.

Don't write off that claim! Call us at (214) 636-8100 or request a consultation online now to find out how our experts can improve your revenue cycle and get your medical practice paid faster. Our analysis will be absolutely FREE if we fail to recover on top of what you already received from insurance company so you have nothing to lose.

Revenue Cycle Analysis Services

  • Management of commercial appeals
  • Medicare appeals
  • Medicaid appeals for multiple states
  • ADRs
  • RAC audits
  • MAC redeterminations
  • ALJ hearings
  • Third-party billing collections
  • Workers compensation claims processing
  • Medicare MSP claims processing