All Revenue Cycle Management Services

Claim processing is the life blood of any medical practice but inefficient billing processes and high staff turnover inevitably leads to slowdown in the processing of claims, which means a slowdown in receiving your money. Spending so much time struggling to keep up with medical billing processes stresses your staff and also leads to declines in the time available for patient care. To alleviate these issues and get paid faster, turn to Texas Medical CPA for revenue cycle management. We’ll manage your medical billing processes effectively so you can save time, reduce headaches, and stay focused on patient care.

Our team has recovered $200 million on a $360 million A/R project for one practice. What could we do for you? Call us at (214) 636-8100 or request a consultation online now.

AR Management for Medical Practices

We combine best practices for maximized reimbursement and compliance to recover every dollar you deserve.

Revenue Cycle Analysis

Labor intensive analysis identifying root causes for current A/R issues.

Why Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)?

Learn why Revenue Cycle Management is the best process for managing your A/R.