Why Revenue Cycle Management?

Why RCM?

Our founder MJ Ahmed explains:

Our service of providing accounting and tax services to health care professionals has exposed me to the reality of the deep crisis in Revenue Cycle Management. I am seeing among many of my clients a declining collection percentage from insurance companies. It is epidemic in most healthcare practices to see defiant insurance companies squeezing healthcare professionals by delaying or denying payments on filed claims. The crisis has worsened so that health care providers have acknowledged and agreed that recovery of the complete claims are impossible and a percentage has to be marked as uncollectible and therefore writes them OFF!

Seriously, why write OFF your precious earned money for no genuine reason or failure from the doctor side. But the reality of insurance reimbursement proves it very clearly. It’s an established trend in the industry. Accounts Receivable (AR) build up gets proportionately much higher because of the inefficiency of the claim processor, whether claims are processed inside the clinic or outsourced to a 3rd party.

In my practice of working with health care professionals, I have seen very pathetic situations of the doctors. They are at the mercy of the biller to start with and then at the whim of the insurance companies. They do not have much fighting muscle and are unable to deal with giant insurance companies with much heavier clout.

To reclaim your hard earned genuine service fee, you need a much stronger, experienced partner who has the inside expertise of dealing with insurance companies to extract the MOST out of your claim.

We have partnered with a service provider based in California that specializes in recovering the unrecoverable. Yes, it’s true! What your biller has termed as unrecoverable or due to be written OFF, we can recover for you. What’s even more important is that there is no upfront cost to initiate the collection process (the fee charged is contingent upon recovery – No recovery, no fee). It is as simple as this. It all starts with a no-cost analysis of your current A/R; we’ll provide a report within 48-72 hours that will tell you exactly why your claims are being denied and precisely how we can recover these funds for you.